Plug Adapters (3-Pack)

These adapters ensure you can continue your sleep therapy wherever your journey takes you.

Note: the adaptor inlet is the flat 2 pin NEMA type not the slanted Australian/New Zealand standard type. 

  • International Use: These adapters are designed for international use, fitting outlets in the EU, AU and UK. They allow you to stay powered up wherever your travels take you.
  • All-in-One Solution: This package combines multiple plugs into one compact unit, eliminating the need to worry about compatibility.

  • Package Includes: Each package contains three Transcend Plug Adapters, offering great value.

Detailed Information

Different countries have various plug designs, which can impact how your CPAP equipment operates. These Plug Adapters are designed to help you use your CPAP equipment internationally. They do not convert electricity; they only permit you to plug units into different outlet styles.

Here’s a breakdown of the plug designs and the countries they’re used in:

  • Three-prong rectangular blades: Africa, Great Britain, Ireland

  • Round pins: Europe, Middle East, parts of Africa, Asia, and South America

  • Flat-angled blades: Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Mainland China, Fiji

The Transcend Plug Adapters are designed for convenience and reliability, so you can use your CPAP machine no matter where you go.

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