Patented Technology

Propeaq’s blue light has a wavelength of 468 nanometers at an intensity of only 35 lux. The LEDs are just over half an inch (1.5cm) from the eyes and are harmless* for normal use. The LEDs are located 1.5 cm from the eye and are harmless in normal use *. One administration of 30 minutes of active blue light per 24 hours is often sufficient. The light glasses do not have to be worn continuously for a long time. 


When to use light blue lenses? For extra energy!

The propeaq glasses are a complete system with interchangeable glasses and energizing blue light.

The blue light in the glasses is used to simulate the sunlight in the morning. When using the  blue light we recommend using the slightly transparent / light blue glasses. However, this is not necessary. You can also choose to use lenses in the frame when the blue light is on. 

When to use orange glasses? To get drowsy.

The orange glass filters the blue light we see from daylight and some artificial light sources. Orange lenses are used in the glasses to stimulate the body’s natural production of melatonin. This natural hormone takes care of it drowsiness and is necessary for a good night’s sleep.

Note: When the blue light is turned on with the orange lenses in the frame, the filtering will not work. So only use orange glasses when the blue light from the glasses is off and you want to prepare the body for sleep.


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