SleepStyle+ AUTO CPAP

Includes any F&P mask on this site at no extra cost

Ready. Set. Sleep.
The F&P SleepStyle™+ combines refined functionality with advanced technology to give you the freedom to sleep.
The minimalist design simplifies usability and menu navigation, while Auto Start/Stop capabilities ensure treatment starts when you put on your mask and breathe, and then stops when you take it off.
SleepStyle+ features ThermoSmart™ to keep humidity at a comfortable level and a responsive ramp, SensAwake™ , that automatically decreases the pressure when wakefulness is detected, and expiratory relief which automatically matches your breathing patterns.
The water chamber and filter are easily accessible, and we’ve given you the option of an ultra-fine filter for capturing some of the smallest of particles that may be in the air.

Features Include:

• Fully integrated humidifier
• Auto-adjusting pressure
• ThermoSmart technology
• SensAwake
• Auto Start/Stop capabilities
• Expiratory relief
• Central Sleep Apnea detection
• Ramp
• Auto-altitude adjustment
• Leak compensation
• Efficacy reporting
• Compliance reporting
• F&P InfoUSB
• Bluetooth* wireless technology
• Cellular modem*


Included with the F&P SleepStyle+

1 x F&P mask of your choice
1 x Carry Bag
1 x SleepStyle+ Device
1 x ThermoSmart Heated Breathing Tube or Standard Breathing Tube
1 x Power Cord
1 x Use and Care Guide
1 x Water Chamber
1 x Chamber Seal
1 x Outlet Seal
1 x F&P InfoUSB (already in InfoUSB port)
1 x Air Filter (already in device)
1 x Spare Air Filter
1 x SleepStyle Quick Reference Guide

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