G3 Series - A20 AutoPAP - Black Chassis - refurbished

Includes any F&P mask on this site at no extra cost (does not apply to full-face or specialty mask models)

This is a refurbished product. It may have minor cosmetic imperfections. 


G3 A20 is BMC's brand new generation of auto-adjusting pressure device with integrated humidifier and heated tubing.

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Earlier this month Forbes Health named the BMC G3 Auto CPAP as one of the best 5 CPAP machines for 2024.  

The Forbes team tested a range of CPAP machines and were impressed with the BMC G3 thanks to its performance, value for money, ease of use, and real-time data. 

Modern design with a user friendly interface

  • Brand new humidifier design keeps the G3 compact and attractive.
  • Innovative PUSH water chamber is simple to use
     Water can be added without removing the water chamber for ease of use
  • Humanized UI Design
     One button access to frequently used features
     A 3.5” screen displays real-time data in full color.
  • Accessory and supply reminder keeps your treatment healthy and effective.
  • G3 has a clock, temperature and humidity monitor on stand-by, multi-purpose for convenience.
Intelligent comfort features
  • Pre-heat
     The G3 series has a pre-heat feature, to warm your humidifier water up for ultimate comfort during cold, dry weather.
  • Integrated heated tubing with intelligent Auto Humidity control
     Integrated heated tubing with intelligent Auto Humidity control gives G3 maximum moisture while ensuring condensate in the tubing is not an issue
  • Excellent silence performance
     BMC uses multi-stage noise reduction technology to ensure noise performance under 28 dB(A).
Effective Performance
  • Intelligent Pressure Adjusting Technology - Smart CG3 can automatically adjust treatment plan based on changes in patient needs. Care is closer to you with reduced costly visits to the doctors.
     Smart C (CPAP mode)

    Optimizes the treatment pressure every 5 days according to AHI and SNI.

  • PM2.5 filter box
     Extra sensitive users can filter finer dust and allergens with the PM2.5 filter box.

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