myAIRVO2 Optiflow Nasal Cannula (single pack)


Optiflow+ Nasal Cannula (single)

Optiflow offers the comfortable delivery of a broad range of oxygen concentrations and flows. This exciting new level of flexibility means it can replace traditional oxygen therapy devices and in addition advance the therapeutic capabilities of oxygen delivery, thereby redefining the boundaries of oxygen therapy.


Mucocilary Cleareance
Optimal Humidity emulates the balance of temperature and humidity that occurs in healthy lungs, maintaining mucociliary clearance. This can be particularly important for patients with secretion problems such as those with obstructive pulmonary disease. By delivering Optimal Humidity, drying of the airway is reduced, which maintains the function of the mucociliary transport system – clearing secretions more effectively and reducing the risk of complications such as respiratory infection.

Better patient comfort generally means better patient compliance. Ultimately this compliance can then lead on to more effective care, and better patient outcomes.

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