Ōura Heritage - Stealth

Oura Ring - Generation 2

Every night, your body performs the equivalent of modern health miracles - everything from improving memory to producing cancer killing T cells. And while you sleep, your body is sending a flurry of signals. When decoded, these signals - heart rate, body temperature and more - communicate your body’s progress as it prepares you for the next day. And night after night, you sleep through it.

Ōura interprets these signals so you can wake up to the insights you need to take on the day.

Components & Sensors
Inside your ring lies infrared LED sensors, a NTC body temperature sensor, a 3D accelerometer, and a gyroscope.

Your Oura Ring stores up to 6 weeks of data between syncs to ensure that walk or that good night’s sleep get accounted for.

Weight & Dimension
Lighter than a conventional ring, Oura weighs in at only 4 to 6 grams (depending on ring size) with a width of 7.9mm and a thickness of 2.55mm.

Battery & Power
Your ring has a battery life of up to 1 week, and gets a full charge in 20-80 minutes.

Durable & Water-Resistant
Durable titanium with a diamond-like carbon coating. Water resistant up to 100m - the perfect balance of durability and comfort.


Ōura rings are in US sizes. If you are unsure of your size please order the free sizing kit first or contact the Clinical Support Team on 0800476673.


Prices given are for purchase of your own Ōura ring, which we believe is the best sleep tracker personal device available. In fact, most of our consulting doctors and staff use them! Your Ōura will provide daily advice via the Ōura app on your smart phone, which becomes increasingly tuned to you over the first two weeks of use. 

We also offer a more detailed Sleep Profile service for $175.00 which allows your sleep data to be transmitted to Sleep Well Clinic. After 28 days our Sleep Physiologists prepare a personal analysis of your sleep patterns which highlights areas of improvement. The analysis is presented in a report which can either be sent to you directly, or can be used in conjunction with a consultation with one of our consulting sleep clinicians (normal pricing for consultations apply).



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