AYO lite

AYOpro works with the goAYO app to provide a customised energy, sleep, and travel programs that can be used depending on the specific requirements.  AYOpro also comes with a premium charging case offering 21 days battery life under normal use.  AYOpro's light levels are customised throught he APP to your individual requirements.

  • The energy program allows users to revitalize after a night of insufficient sleep or after lunch.
  • The sleep program helps users to phase-shift the circadian rhythm.
  • The travel program was designed to provide the optimal duration of light therapy to treat jetlag Optimize your sleep quality

With AYO, you can improve your sleep during the night and have more energy during the day. AYO gives you a natural solution for a better sleep and helps you to improve your sleep quality.

  • Adjust your sleep cycle - whether you are a morning or an evening person or even a shift worker, AYO will help you adjust your sleep cycle to match your lifestyle. You will be able to fall asleep and wake up easily at your desired ti.

    Can it be worn with prescription glasses?AYOlite is designed to be able to be used with the most common prescription glasses' frames. The AYOlite wearable has a flexible nosepiece, which can be adjusted to allow an easier positioning of both the prescription glasses and the wearable. By bending the nosepiece horizontally, AYOlite becomes more like a frame, which can be put on top of the prescription glasses. For an optimal experience and whenever possible, we recommend using AYOlite glasses without prescription glasses as the glasses can interfere with the light diffusion of AYOlite glasses. If you use prescription glasses with a blue-light blocking filter, ensure that the filter is not blocking blue-turquoise light of 470 nm of wavelength since the light from AYOlite glasses will not be efficient. 
  • How does this work? Is it worn in the mornings only? 

    The recommended usage is one or two 20-min sessions in the morning upon waking up. However, it depends on the desired effect (i.e. adjusting sleep-wake cycle, boosting energy, improving sleep, alleviating jet lag, etc.). In the AYOlite's manual it offers recomendations as to when it shoudl be used for different requirements.  it , which you can find inside the package, is explained the usage for several use cases. 

    What is Light Therapy

    Light therapy, sometimes called phototherapy, or bright light therapy, is the use of light to treat a broad range of health and medical conditions. Light therapy glasses are portable devices worn while you get dressed, have breakfast, work out or even have an early morning conference call instead of being anchored in your chair during therapy. But it may ease symptoms, increase your energy levels, and help you feel better. 

    Sleep/circadian problems you can treat with light therapy

    Circadian rhythm is the biological clock that regulates several physiological functions of the body, including the sleep-wake cycle, immunity, hormone secretion, and temperature. 

    Light therapy’s impact on the body clock lends itself to a range of conditions broadly concerned with circadian health. Here’s a quick rundown:


    Difficulty falling asleep at night can occur for numerous reasons. If you’ve been diagnosed with chronic insomnia you should seek qualified medical advice and appropriate treatment like CBTi.  

    Difficulty waking up

    Waking up, especially when it’s still dark outside, can be difficult to cope with if you’re not a natural early riser.  Using AYO bright light in the morning helps your body adapt to being awake.


    Travelling across time zones causes your sleep/wake schedules to be completely out of whack with your body clock. Whether it’s for work, or even a leisure break, you want to feel energised and at your best when you reach your destination. 


    Shift workers, and especially nightshift workers, face enormous challenges in adapting their body clock to fit work schedules that often change, rotate and turn day into night. 

    Energy boost
    If you work in a dimly lit environment, or you’re generally tired during the day, light therapy glasses are an ideal, safe way to give you a direct energy boost when having an afternoon slump because they simulate the natural invigorating effects of being in bright sunlight. 


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