SleepStyle CPAP Auto

Includes any F&P mask on this site at no extra cost

Introducing F&P SleepStyle™ SleepStyle Auto CPAP works within a range of pressures automatically adjusting to your pressure to your breathing to prevent your airways from closing and stop snoring. Can be set to Auto or Fixed pressure.

Features Include:

• Fully integrated humidifier
• Auto-adjusting pressure
• ThermoSmart technology
• SensAwake
• Expiratory relief
• Central Sleep Apnea detection
• Ramp
• Auto-altitude adjustment
• Leak compensation
• Efficacy reporting
• Compliance reporting
• F&P InfoUSB
• Bluetooth* wireless technology
• Cellular modem*
      Included with the F&P SleepStyle AUTO/CPAP
      1 x F&P mask of your choice
      1 x Carry Bag
      1 x SleepStyle Device
      1 x ThermoSmart Heated Breathing Tube or Standard Breathing Tube
      1 x Power Cord
      1 x Use and Care Guide
      1 x Water Chamber
      1 x Chamber Seal
      1 x Outlet Seal
      1 x F&P InfoUSB (already in InfoUSB port)
      1 x Air Filter (already in device)
      1 x Spare Air Filter
      1 x SleepStyle Quick Reference Guide


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