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The most effective therapy for snoring and sleep apnoea is Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, or CPAP. Thousands of New Zealanders and their partners have discovered the health and lifestyle benefits when using Fisher & Paykel Healthcare's CPAP therapy. Drawing on 20 years clinical experience the therapeutic team at the Sleep Well Clinic bring this cutting edge technology out of hospitals and into the bedrooms of everyday people from all walks of life, who just want to get better sleep.

We treat snoring and sleep apnoea seriously.

Snoring can break up relationships and even affect our health and wellbeing. Snoring decreases sleep quality for snorers and bed-partners alike. Poor sleep quality contributes to many common health and lifestyle problems such as:

  • daytime sleepiness or difficulty concentrating
  • increased bladder pressure during the night
  • morning headache
  • reduced sexual function
  • weight gain
  • reflux or heartburn

Problem snoring can also develop into sleep apnoea or choking during sleep which increases the likelihood of other health problems such as high blood pressure or diabetes. More...

Sleep Well Clinics throughout New ZealandThe doctors and health professionals at the SLEEP WELL CLINIC provide comprehensive assessment and treatment services for children and adults suffering sleep disorders such as problematic snoring, sleep apnoea, insomnia, and parasomnias.

Medical consultations in Whangarei, Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch, Dunedin, and Invercargill are available by appointment.

 We also offer testing and treatment services to patients in other centres using portable monitors and extensive phone or Skype support for consultations.

Dr Alex BartleLead Clinicians

Dr Alex Bartle MB, BS, FRNZCGP, Dip Obst,MM(Sleep Medicine)

After extensive research and special training in sleep medicine overseas, Dr Bartle established the Sleep Well Clinic in March 2000. Dr Bartle was an invited speaker at the Australasian Sleep Association international conferences in 2003 and 2006. In 2007 he presented research at the World Federation of Sleep Research 5th International Congress.


lutz-beckertAssociate Professor Lutz Beckert MD, FRACP, MRCP (UK) Respiratory and Sleep Specialist Physician

Associate Professor Lutz Beckert is a Respiratory Specialist and registered Sleep Physician at Christchurch Hospital. He is also a Senior Lecturer at the Otago University Christchurch School of Medicine and Health Sciences. He is the Clinical Advisor at the Sleep Well Clinic and has a wide range of current research interests. Associate Professor Beckert is a member of the Australasian Sleep Association.


  Alex MortlockAlex Mortlock BA(Hons), MA(Psyc), PG Dip(Clin.Psyc.)

Alex Mortlock is a registered clinical psychologist trained at the University of Canterbury. He specialises in cognitive-behavioural therapies for insomnia and other sleep disorders. His experience in a number of rehabilitation and health settings has given him the background to understand the biological, psychological, and interpersonal factors involved in sleep disorders. Alex is a member of the New Zealand College of Clinical Psychologists and the New Zealand Pain Society.

bryn-sparksBryn Sparks BSc, PG DipSc (neurophysiology)

As one of New Zealand's few Sleep Physiologists Bryn established the first remote sleep service in 1995. Bryn has over 19 years experience as a CPAP Therapist, including 7 years as Technical Director of Christchurch Hospital Sleep Disorders Unit. Bryn is a member of the Australasian Sleep Association and Australasian Sleep Technologists Association. Bryn is currently completing a PhD through Victoria University investigating the social construction of snoring and sleep apnoea.

Glenda Barnes BSc

Glenda developed her extensive skills as a Sleep Physiologist at the Christchurch Hospital Sleep Serivce before shifting to Nelson/Marlborough where she established Nelson Sleep Services and SleepNZ, New Zealand's first online sleep apnoea resource. In late 2010 Sleep Well Clinic recruited Glenda and the Nelson Sleep Service to enhance service delivery in the Tasman District. Glenda has over 15 years experience as a Sleep Physiologist. Glenda is a member of the Australasian Sleep Association and Australasian Sleep Technologists Association.


Allied Health Professionals

Amy Young BSc, BA(Hons), PG DipSc (psyc)

Amy is a CPAP Therapist with a background in psychology and telecommunication-based customer support system development. Amy has translated those skills to the Sleep Well Clinic CPAP support service and is often the first point of contact for co-ordinating testing and overnight monitoring.

Shelley DipOccTher, PGDip Med Tech (Sleep Med)

Shelley is a CPAP therapist with an extensive background in Occupational Therapy, particularly work related rehabilitation. Shelley brings to the clinical support team a wealth of experience dealing with a wide range of health issues in the home environment. Shelley has also completed postgraduate studies in Medical Technology through Otago University School of Medicine.

Regional CPAP Therapists

Glenis O'Donnell (Auckland), Iain Buchanan (Whangarei), Trish Williams (Tauranga), Claire Nicoll (Wellington), Lisa Crow (Hamilton), Sue Filsell (Dunedin) Alison McNeill (Invercargill)

New Zealand has a dispersed population. Sleep Well Clinic works with local staff throughout the regions to meet new clients and patients, provide testing services, and to start people on therapy. We also draw on expert knowledge centres to support the local services. All our frontline staff are friendly and approachable and look forward to making the first point of contact with the Sleep Well Clinic an informative and open experience.