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With the advent of the ICON+™ series the earlier very successful Sleep Style™ 600 series and Sleep Style™ 200 series have been discontinued, but a full range of parts and support continue to be available. SLEEP WELL THERAPY provide full clinical support and parts sales for all F&P Healthcare CPAP models. To see a list of parts for each model, click on the links below.

ICON+™ series

The F&P ICON+™ series represents Fisher & Paykel Healthcare's latest thinking for the long-term CPAP user:
  • ThermoSmart™ technology for greater control of temperature and humidity in a wider range of bedroom and seasonal environments
  • Dishwasher-proof humidification chamber
  • InfoSmart™ technology for usage and monitoring options
  • Contemporary and stylish design for any bedroom
  • Intuitive one-touch navigation with the SmartDial™
  • Clock and customizable AlarmTunes™ (load your favourite music from your computer)
The ICON+™ Novo, ICON+™ Premo, and ICON+™ Auto models all feature ThermoSmart™ technology which provides a unique heated breathing tube that allows the constant delivery of higher optimal levels of humidity and the prevention of condensation. ThermoSmart™ clears the way for optimal therapy success and unsurpassed levels of patient comfort.

The ICON+™ Auto and ICON+™ Premo are advanced auto-adjusting systems designed to enhance patient comfort with our unique SensAwake™ Technology which senses when a patient wakes and promptly lowers the pressure to aid the transition back to sleep.
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